Mowing Maintenance

D.S. Landscapes Mowing Services:

Price is per visit, according to your estimate 

Each time we come to mow: 

  • We edge from hard surfaces to grass, such as walk and driveways
  • Weed wack around all structures such as house, fences and tree trunks in yard.
  • Blow the property clean: 
  • walkways, driveways, stairs, and any other structures that my have collected fresh grass clippings. 
  • If we see that your grass is unhealthy we will mulch the grass back into itself allowing your lawn to be self-nourished, by mowing over your lawn more than once, no additional charge.  
  • Our Technicians will make the decisions if this is needed. 
  • No, choosing to have mowing done 2 times a month for April- June is not negotiable. 
  • If you are having us mow your lawn for the first time of the season, and your grass is already growing rapidly and currently higher than normal the charge of your first mow is double the price quoted. 
  • Why? Because we are required to bag more grass and remove double the clippings, all while double the labor time for our technicians

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