Spring & Summer

Spring Clean Up

What is Cleaned

Lawn Maintenance

What's included

Shrub Pruning



De-Thatching is best described as a hard raking to your lawn. Once in Spring and again in Fall.  


Aeration allows your lawn to grow healthy. We use a Plug Aeration machine that gets walked over the grass as it allows air and water to penetrate the roots ensuring a healthy lawn.

Lawn/ Sod Installation

Planting/ Gardening

Planting needs to be scheduled out with John -our Plant Expert / Maintenance Manager. To formulate a game plan and to place you on the planting schedule.   

Power Washing

Fall & Winter

Fall Clean-Ups

Driveway & Parking Lot Plowing

Sidewalk Clearing


Snow Removal

Seasonal Maintenance

D.S. Landscapes' experienced team can set up the best year-round program for both commercial and residential clients alike. 

When winter arrives, we are ready and equipped to provide you the best quality service for all your snow plowing and salting needs. 


All landscape companies offer great customer service and flexible pricing. Where we stand out from our competition is the amount of services that we offer, built on years of experience. 

D.S. Landscapes is truly a ‘one-stop’ property maintenance provider. That is important for you as a client because not only does this save you the hassle of researching different companies to do the job, but it also saves you money because through out lean operations, we keep overhead costs low.