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Paved walkways provide a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, types and combinations. A nicely paved walkway can contribute to a better appearance of the home and garden. Depending on whether you want to add a touch of modern, rustic or maybe traditional style, we'll help you choose the appropriate type of pavers. 


Paved patios are a wonderful addition to a home, very sought out and desired. The Patios we lay are there to stay, looking wonderful for life. Paver patios are 30% less than decks and allow more creativity and style.  According to the landscape architecture survey, fire pits and fireplaces are ranked third in the most popular outdoor living features. With cooler-than-usual summers expected in some areas, this may make fire pits and fireplaces desirable in the backyard.  

4 Season Maintenance


4 Season Property Maintenance service is a fixed monthly cost. Choosing to entrust your property maintenance to our professionals, you’re freed from the burden of any labor-related issues. Believe it or not, proper and effective maintenance actually require training and experience. In choosing to contract our professionals, you can expect higher efficiency, better job knowledge and more extensive experience in getting a good job done—one that exceeds the industry standard.


Walls come in all shapes, sizes and importance. Retaining walls are important for many reasons on a property. For instance, they are used to hold back earth and create space or layers as desired. Sitting walls play a very subtle and beautiful role to any patio, fireplace or garden surrounding. 

Up Keep


As the name suggests, Up Keep is the service you contract for when you don’t have the time to maintain the condition of your property in a professional manner. 

Whether your property is residential or commercial, Up Keep should be considered as an important part of it's overall protection.


The success of our business depends heavily on word of mouth. Testimonials allow perspective customers to put there minds at ease knowing that other customers have been happy and satisfied doing business with us. So whether our feedback brings you laughter, tears, or excitement, we encourage you to hear what others have to say about us. 

About Us

There are more than enough contractors out there, but to choose your contractor is a personal decision.

We here at D.S. Landscapes specialize in multi-phased and challenging projects. This allows us to help you save considerable time and money by addressing all of your construction needs and avoid outsourcing. All of our services are competitively priced and fair. Our staff is both friendly and professional. We are experienced and knowledgeable about all outdoor projects. 

Our experienced skilled craftsman have the attention to detail, that is so important for the design and installation of residential and commercial hardscape projects. We also build and install fences, arbors and pergolas. Additionally we are trained in the stabilization of walls and erosion control. To make our hardscape designs come to life, we use aerial photography. ​

The relationship we have built with our customers over the years, are the message to our success. 

We know what its like to work hard and get dirty in the process,  and we look forward to it each and every day. 

We love community involvement, One of our community projects was for the Worcester Fire Department on Grove St. We created an outdoor space for our local heroes to enjoy when they're not saving lives. We are always looking for more avenues to be involved around our community. 

 D.S. Landscapes is proud to be big enough to offer a full range of services and small enough to treat our employees and clients like family. 


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